"Career is important; More Important is Where You Build It."

The Ancient Indian literature defines a GuruKul(School) as a Place where the Foundation for the rest of Life is laid. The definition is relevant even today. The Time, Energy and Hard Work that you put in the school lays the foundation of your career and prosperity. It is therefore very important where and how you spend these childhood years.

The School that inculcates moral values and discipline as you climb the stairs of knowledge, every year becomes an inseparable part of your life, what you learn and imbibe in early years remains with you forever.

There is no better way to pay back to the society than providing the most desired and important infrastructure in the form of Modern Education.
Here At Somerset, we tend to build a resourceful individual out of a naive human, rendering them the wisdom which will lead to broader prospective of life.
Somersetians understand the importance of school in one's life and therefore strive hard to imbibe virtues along with the prescribed syllabii, a real combination of a competence and compliance to give you an edge over others in today's competitive world. Enjoy the "Joy of Learning" and proceed on path of success, your uniqueness, building self-confidence and developing into an all round persona.

Somerset aims to unearth every child's talent and provide opportunities which will enable them to discover something exciting and enthusiastic for them by which the learning and buoyancy are always at par with each other.

The academics and extra curricular activities, add a remarkable educational experience in Students Life.
We are confident that the years to come we shall equip our students with not only the basic knowledge their concerned discipline but also a deep inside into it, so that they can stand on their own and acheive Perfection in the careers of their choice.