--Founder's Vision--

Mr. Mohinder Singh

Dear Parents,
Several years ago, with my own young children in mind, I found myself reflecting on how to best prepare our children for the changing realities the future would certainly hold. Inspired by the research of many Educational Pioneers and Leading Thinkers, I set out to expand upon some of the best practices in education. The educational vision that emerged quickly grew beyond the boundaries of my own home and family and developed into what is now Somerset International School.
The opportunities that Somerset offers extend beyond the Walls of the Classroom, incorporating Multiple Disciplines and Technologies with the goal of nurturing creativity and leadership in each child. The Somerset Educational Experience aims to impart to young people the necessary SKILLS and STIMULATION that will motivate them to keep their minds actively engaged in learning. Our Philosophy is rooted in a basic set of principles that guide the Somerset International School vision.

Building on the best educational ideas and practices

  • Outstanding teachers from various disciplines team teach an integrated curriculum based on global cultural history.
  • Attention to multiple intelligences, which focuses on the individual student's strengths, helps draw out what is unique and outstanding in every child.
  • A holistic approach helps students gain appreciation for and experience in wellness, community service, and lifelong learning.

Embracing new Technologies

  • Utilization of online tools allows students, teachers and parents to participate in the education process with more effective methods of communication and more transparency.
  • Students and teachers connect to information, other learners around the world, and even just one another through Laptop, Computers, the Internet and Video Conferencing.
  • To heighten awareness of media literacy, students are shown how to construct and deconstruct contemporary media messages in Television, Movies, Advertisements, video Games, and other Venues.

The vision of Somerset International School would not be possible without the combined wisdom, experience, and dedication of our faculty, mentors, students, and their families and the larger community. Our intention is that as Somerset expands, both locally and globally, it will continue to benefit all those concerned with the future of education at home and around the world.